Wood Floor Design Inspiration

Wood Floor Design Inspiration – Having a minimalist home is one of the dreams of many people. A minimalist house definitely requires a good floor design to look at. Currently, many people are using floor designs made of wood. The wood used is not arbitrary, because when it comes to making parquet floors, it turns out that there are two alternatives, including using synthetic or laminated materials and also 100% solid wood. So if you like the warmth in the house, then you can choose this wood floor to be installed in your home that looks elegant.

Wood Floor Design Inspiration

1. Wood Flooring Combines with Indonesian Retro Style

You can imitate this minimalist wooden floor living room design if you like vintage or retro designs. The design is quite simple, you just need to add some retro-style sofas and rattan chairs.

To separate the living room from the family room, you can use a minimalist sketch made of wood. A sketch with traditional Indonesian carvings will make a retro-style living room look more impressive. For walls, choose bright colors, so the room doesn’t seem dark.

2. Small Minimalist Living Room with Wooden Floors

Your living room is only small? Of course no problem! To make the room look fresh, you can cover some of the room with artificial grass or carpet.

Then, for seating, avoid using a large sofa that can make the room look narrower. Instead, you can use a soft bean bag. The final touch, you can put some mini indoor ornamental plants in the corner of the room or on a hanging shelf.

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3. Minimalist Scandinavian Wood Floor Living Room

Some of the characteristics of Scandinavian design that you can imitate are the use of wooden floors and walls that are dominated by white. If the space in the house is small enough, there is no need to use a divider between the living room and dining room.

You can arrange the living room to make it look impressive by hanging a number of wall displays and minimalist shelves to put some collectibles and indoor ornamental plants.

4. Modern Wood Floor Living Room

Wooden floor minimalist living room designs are not always synonymous with traditional designs.

You can also combine it with your modern minimalist style!
The most important thing is color selection.

To make the living room look brighter, choose bright wall colors and furniture such as white or light gray.

In addition, avoid partitions in the house so that the room feels more spacious and residents feel more free when doing activities.