Tips for Choosing Floor Carpets

Tips for Choosing Floor Carpets – Some homes definitely have floor carpets. The floor carpet serves as a room decoration to make it look more beautiful. However, not only that, floor carpets can also make people feel comfortable on their feet. Here’s the right way to choose a rug for a room in your home.

1. Customize the Floor Carpet with the Room Theme
Bohemian-style rugs with lively motifs, are not suitable to be applied to narrow spaces. If you really want a colorful theme, make sure the colors used don’t collide or are too crowded. Also pay attention to the color of the furniture, floors, walls, and ceilings. Remember that the carpet to be chosen must blend with other elements of the room.

2. Adjust the Floor Carpet to the Function of the Room
The character of the space with different activities and intensity of use, as well as the need for creating a different atmosphere, requires the selection of a specific carpet. Short hairy rugs and good quality, preferably placed in the living room, so that the family can gather and sit on it comfortably. The carpet material is easy to clean, perfect for complementing the dining room and kitchen. Meanwhile, the carpet with the padding is not slippery, suitable for the bathroom.

Floor rugs can be placed between kitchen cabinets. So, mothers still feel comfortable even if they stand for a long time while cooking. The placement of the perpendicular line motif with the carpet floor makes the kitchen seem relieved.

3. The size of the floor carpet must be balanced with the size of the room
A size that is too small will give the impression as if it is just a random decoration element, and has no effect on the space as desired. Vice versa, the size of the carpet that is too large, instead of making the room comfortable and elegant, actually makes the room cramped and feels cramped. Preferably, the maximum carpet size does not exceed half the area of ​​the room.

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An effective way to determine the size of the carpet is to take advantage of the placement of the furniture. Carpet for the dining room, at least the size is enough to be the base of the dining table and dining chairs when occupied. For the bedroom, the size of the carpet should be able to be used as footwear when getting up and down from the bed from all three sides.

If the carpet is placed on a tiled floor, use the number of tiles to estimate the size of the carpet.

4. Adjust the Floor Carpet Motif to the Room
Plain or patterned? To determine the carpet motif, pay attention to space requirements. If the room is already full of furniture, choose a plain rug with 1 color, such as white and beige, to make the space feel more spacious. If the room is too plain with monotonous colors, choose a patterned carpet that can make the furniture on the carpet a point of interest. Children’s bedrooms will be more cheerful with colorful playful motifs or cartoon pictures.

A narrow space will look visually relieved, thanks to a plain rug, or a striped rug. The large pattern size makes the space look spacious. While the small pattern, makes the space look full and narrow. However, this concept does not mean that you should not place a rug with a small floral pattern with a small pattern in a narrow space. Other supporting factors, such as mirrors and curtains, can manipulate visuals and make the space more spacious.