Korean Aesthetic Carpet

Korean Aesthetic Carpet

Korean Aesthetic Carpet – In furnishing the room, you will definitely need a carpet to make your footing feel more comfortable. A comfortable carpet will also make you feel warm

1. Rasfur Fleece Carpet

As the name suggests, Rasfur Fur Carpet is a hairy carpet made of rasfur type fur. This material is smooth, soft, and not easily broken so it will last as a floor mat in your room. This rectangular rug has a size of 120×100 cm with a thickness of 0.8 cm and a fur length of 1.5 cm. There are 23 color variants, including ash, blue, brown, beige, green, red, pink, white, purple and many other colors that you can get. The price is also very affordable, namely, Rp. 85 thousand. This rug is also comfortable because it has polyfoam or soft foam inside. So what are you waiting for, just buy the product through e-commerce at Duta Solusicom.

2. Round Fleece Carpet

This Round Fur Carpet is identical to the Korean style decoration. This carpet has an aesthetic shape, the material is also smooth with a variety of color choices and an affordable price.

The color choices are white, light gray, dark gray, light pink, dark pink, magenta, light blue, dark blue, brown, purple, green, maroon, turquoise and yellow. The price is also affordable, which is Rp. 34 thousand.

With a diameter of 50 cm, fur length 6.5 cm and a thickness of 2 cm, this rug is perfect for placing next to your bed. If you want to get this anti-slip rug, just visit the atiofan98 account on the marketplace.

3. Korean Fleece Carpet Motif

Not only with a plain look, you can also decorate the room with Motif Fur Carpets that have various patterns. There are two size options, 100×160 cm and 120×200 cm, just adjust to the needs of the room.
The motifs and colors are very diverse. Starting from the rainbow motif, blue star, moon stone, blue rhombus, red rhombus, white rhombus, wavy, ruby, gray rhombus, blue scandi, brown scandi, black scandi, fanta scandi, moca scandi, white scandi, gray scandi and blue chain .

With a price of Rp. 113 thousand to Rp. 147 thousand, you can get a fur rug with soft and anti-slip material. Suitable for room decoration to make it more aesthetic.

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4. Maroc Carpet

Maroc carpet or Skyrugs is a carpet with a monochrome color combination. This carpet material is polypropylene which is soft and comfortable to put in your room.

Available in various patterns, and color combinations of black, white and gray. The price is right in the pocket, which is Rp. 122 thousand. If you are interested in owning this carpet, just buy it at the carpetshop account on the marketplace.

You see, this carpet is available with 3 types of sizes, namely 100×150 cm, 150×210 cm, 210×310 cm. You can adjust it to your needs and the size of the room.