Kitchen Floor Design Inspiration

Kitchen Floor Design Inspiration – Every house must have a floor that is used to be stepped on. But in fact each floor must have its own part. In fact, everyone also has various floor design inspirations too. If you are planning to renovate or build a dream kitchen, start by designing the floor design.

No need to be confused, here we will share some kitchen floor inspiration that makes you feel at home cooking.

Kitchen Floor Design Inspiration

1. Natural with Parquet

The use of parquet floor coatings is currently increasingly favored by many homeowners. How not, the appearance of wood on parquet has always been something interesting to present in the house, and the kitchen is no exception. Its impressive natural appearance is the main attraction. Not only that, your kitchen will seem warm with this material.
Parquet floors can beautify almost all kitchen concepts, especially rustic and Scandinavian kitchens. Natural colors, fibers, and strokes produced from parquet floors make your kitchen look natural. However, parquet floors require special care, so that disturbances such as scratches and stains can be avoided. Regular maintenance must be done if you choose parquet flooring as a kitchen floor material.

2. More Industrial with Exposed Cement

One of the kitchen floor materials that is currently on the rise is exposed cement. The trend of exposed floors appears along with the increasing number of industrial-style coffee shops that are present in corners of the city. Just look at a number of restaurants and cafes, most of which feature exposed cement in architectural areas, such as walls, floors, and ceilings. This industrial style was then widely adopted by homeowners for their residential concept.
For those of you who like industrial design styles, there’s nothing wrong with applying this one floor material. As in this kitchen inspiration, the exposed brick wall blends beautifully with the exposed cement floor, and of course makes the kitchen feel even more industrial. However, preferably, exposed cement needs to be coated with a good finish so that the floor is resistant to water.

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3. Elegant with Marble

If you want a luxurious kitchen look, you can choose marble as a kitchen floor material. The veins in the marble give the kitchen a “wow” look. Marble, with its shiny surface, also gives a luxurious feel. Including ideas that can be seen in the kitchen inspiration above.
In addition, marble also has advantages, namely having pores that can absorb stains due to coffee spills or chemicals. However, the weakness of this material is that apart from being expensive, marble is not scratch resistant.

4. The Blend of Two Ceramic Colors

Ceramic is certainly the most practical kitchen floor material and the most widely used by many homeowners. In addition to the relatively affordable price, this material has excellent resistance to water and is often equipped with a stain-resistant coating.

To make it look different and not too ordinary, you can use this method like the following inspiration. Use two different ceramic colors, namely black and white, black in the dining area, while white dominates the kitchen. The combination of two ceramic colors produces an attractive kitchen and dining room that is far from monotonous.