8 types of floor designs and blogs that are incredible and very inspiring


8 types of floor designs and blogs that are incredible and very inspiring – Finding flooring and design inspiration online can prove more difficult than you might expect. There is a lot of content to wade through, and it can be hard to find trustworthy experts who really know their stuff. Perhaps more importantly, whose design style aligns with yours? You can’t go wrong following the blogs of trusted brands for flooring and design ideas (such as ours), but there’s so much more out there. How do you find the best of the best?

Flooring and design magazines and television networks regularly compile lists of high-quality blogs for inspiration. Generally, these lists pop up at the beginning of the year as design trends are established for the year ahead.

We’ve compiled a list of eight of our favorite flooring and design blogs for you to follow. Bookmark them and use them as references when you need inspiration for your next home remodel or for decorating ideas for the upcoming season.

8 Inspiring Flooring and Design Blogs to Follow

Wit + Delight – This trendy blog is the creation of Kate Arends, a St. Paul-based marketing consultant and design expert. She’s worked with major brands such as Target, 3M and Fossil. Her blog has been around for eight years and has more than 3 million followers who love her ability to showcase home design and decor that comes from a variety of places. Arends’ blog also provides information for readers with different budgets.

Decor8 – Writer and stylist Holly Becker began the Decor8 blog as a way to share decorating ideas and trends to inspire her followers’ home design. New content is posted daily. Posts tackle topics such as how to incorporate the latest “it” color and design tips that can be gleaned from looking into someone’s home and viewing the bits and pieces that make it unique. You’ll love her ideas as well as her calm and accessible approach to all things lifestyle.

The Inspired Room – For two years in a row, Better Homes and Garden readers voted Melissa Michaels the Reader’s Favorite Decorating Blogger for her blog, The Inspired Room. It’s easy to see why. Her blog shows you how to design your home on a budget, and she doesn’t believe in sacrificing what you love to do it. Her blog has been around for 10 years, and that decade of experience shines through in her content. You’ll get housekeeping tips, gift ideas, sneak peeks into her personal home projects and, of course, decorating advice.

A Beautiful Mess (ABM) – Owned by sisters Elsie and Emma, ABM is a lifestyle company that features recipes, DIY projects, home decorating inspiration and truly inspirational before-and-after room makeovers. This blog has been around since 2007. Over the years, they’ve expanded their brand to include books, apps, online classes and an original product line. With this much under their belts, you can trust them for style advice and inspiration.

Young House Love – This blog is managed by John and Sherry, a young couple with a passion for DIY and home remodeling. They’ve personally renovated three homes, and their blog shares their successes, failures and more than 3,000 free home projects for you to try. They’ve written several books, and their own line of lighting and hardware has been sold at Target and Home Depot. It’s safe to say these folks know a thing or two about home design.

Dwell – Yes, Dwell is an extremely popular design magazine, but it also has tons of free online content that is sure to inspire you. Its feed delivers the trendiest furniture, flooring and design articles featuring vast and iconic architecture, decorating tips for tiny spaces and everything in between. You’re guaranteed to find something you love on this abundant and well-curated website.

Remodelaholic – This DIY blog was created by Cassidy and her husband to showcase all of their remodeling projects and to provide help to those who are looking to update their homes. They’ve completed five different project houses since the blog launched, so you’re sure to find plenty of helpful content on their website. Want to build a table out of rustic wood pallets? Or how about a tutorial on how to swap out a showerhead? No matter what you are looking for, you’ll probably find it here.

Creative Home (Mohawk Flooring) – We love Mohawk Flooring, and the same can be said about its Creative Home blog. In addition to providing fantastic flooring advice, tips and showcases, the blog offers content that goes beyond just floor coverings. The company’s experts will help you get your porch decorated for the upcoming holiday season as well as assist you in finally organizing that closet you’ve been stubbornly keeping closed tight.

Do you have any favorite flooring and design blogs that we haven’t listed? We’d love to hear from you! Want to talk to a real life expert about your home remodel? We’re always here to help. Visit your nearest Ogden’s Flooring and Design showroom and let us know what you’re working on. We’ll show you samples and project ideas that will work for you.

Keep the toilet clean so that it is pleasing to the eye


Keep the toilet clean so that it is pleasing to the eye – Currently, the toilet seat has become an option for the toilet at home compared to the squat toilet.

The toilet seat has many advantages including being more efficient in using water when used. The price of the toilet seat is actually affordable, has many colors, and is easier to use.

For the elderly (elderly) it can facilitate the activity of defecating, as well as for toddlers who are learning toilet training. However, it is common for household appliances at home, toilets that can be dirty and damaged.

How to remove stains or dirt from a squat toilet? You don’t have to worry.

It’s really easy.

How to Clean a Toilet Seat

You and other family members will use the sitting toilet regularly every day.

Toilet seat to urinate and defecate. So you can imagine how many stains or dirt stuck to it.

Especially if the house only has one toilet seat, while three or four people can use it.

After a long time, you will find the toilet seat in the sitting area changing color.

Like it or not, you have to clean the toilet seat because this section contains large amounts of germs and bacteria.

If the toilet seat is white, it can turn yellow, which is certainly not a pretty sight.

So how do you clean the yellow toilet seat method?

What does the toilet seat look like?

So how do you get rid of the stain on the toilet lid?

Well, this article will review tips for cleaning the toilet seat easily.

1. Clean the toilet seat using bleach

Surely you have clothes bleach at home to remove stains and dirt on white clothes.

Take advantage of bleach to remove the toilet seat as a powerful cleaning fluid.

Bleach is a great cleaner and disinfectant for cleaning just about anything.

This fluid can also be used to clean the toilet seat. How to use it is easy.

You only need to mix clothes bleach with air lanterns that splash the entire surface of the toilet seat.

Let stand for about 10-15 minutes.

After that, clean it gently using a brush or sponge.

If there are stubborn stains, you can give a mixture of more bleach.

The stain disappears, don’t forget to clean the toilet seat using water until there are no more stains or bleach.

2. Clean the toilet seat using baking soda

Another ingredient that can be used to clean toilets and to sit is baking soda which is usually used to make cakes.

Baking soda can be used to remove stains on the toilet seat that have crumbled into dirt.

Mix baking soda with air to form a paste, something like toothpaste.

Apply the paste on the stained or crusty part and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes.

After that, clean the stained area using a sponge or brush until it is clean without stains.

When it’s finished, don’t forget to rinse the toilet seat with clean water until the stain is no longer there.

3. Cleaning the toilet seat with vinegar

Another ingredient that can be used to clean the toilet seat is vinegar, which is usually used for eating or cooking.

Like the two ingredients above, how to use vinegar is also easy, you know. You can apply it using a tissue.

Soak a paper towel with vinegar. Put this tissue all over the toilet seat, especially on the seat.

Let stand for approximately 1-2 hours. The next step is to open the tissue one by one.

If there are stains that are still stubborn, you can pour vinegar directly on the dirt.

Use a soft brush or sponge to clean the dirt thoroughly. Repeat this step until there are no debris.